Ezra Youth Movement

Ezra is a Zionist Youth Movement with 25,000 participants and 65 centers across Israel. Founded almost 100 years ago in Germany, they have multiple international branches. The Youth Movement is grounded in the values and acts of the Torah. Ezra has inspired the establishment of settlements in Israel that are oriented toward their vision.

  • Creative & Technology
  • UX, UI, print design, interactive design
  • Website development

For the past couple of years, we collaborated with Ezra Youth Movement and took part in their digital transformation journey. We created a uniformed visual identity and a strong digital presence. We redesigned the cooperate website, developed a new registration portal and designed the 100 years campaign to Ezra.


with user experience

Ezra’s own crowdfunding and online donation platform. You can choose a cause you want to donate for, and Take your share in an easy and fun way.

User Experience

In every design work or digital platform that we develop we put the focus on the user.

Graphic design of a variety of print materials (rollups, brochures, invitations etc.) for Ezra events.