Dimar Group

Dimar is a private B2B company and part of the FIMI fund. They are a leading global cutting tools group with production centers in Germany, Switzerland, and Israel. They were founded in 1960 and have a presence in more than 35 countries. Dimar has developed the in-house capabilities to produce state-of-the-art saw blades, CNC tools, routers, cutters, and drills.

  • Creative
  • Print Design

Exhibitions Print Design 

Dimar is a global company that participate in many exhibitions and events worldwide. In order to make them stand out from the competition, we designed beautiful and cohesive print materials (business cards, name tags, rollups etc.) that communicate with their branding and the cutting tools industry.

Packaging Design 

Eye catching packing design of a new do-it-yourself product (SanDIY).

Product Catalog Design 

Graphic design of Dimar product catalogs. These catalogs presented images, specs and illustrations of the large variety of cutting tools that Dimar offers.