December 6th 2018
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Marvilix Rebrand Journey

Hi,  On January 2019, Marvilix will turn 6. We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our company anniversary (and finalizing 2018) then launching Marvilix rebranding.

The past 2 years were very significant for us. We grew our team, formed our identity and set up a clear vision for the next years. Our rebrand project wasn’t solely about a new website and logo. It was about exposing and sharing our new us (Marvilix) with the world.

There is still a ton of work ahead of us. This is only the beginning of our humble journey. At the same time, we are very proud of our achievements. Without further ado, here is our rebrand story.

The Name

About a year ago, we officially changed our company name from Marvilix Software Solutions to Marvilix Creative and Technology (our friends call us Marvilix). This small change represents a huge transformation that we went through. From writing code and developing software’s, to crafting delightful and lasting experiences that people love.

While both methods could end up with similar functionality, the difference is in the approach, methods and end results. This eureka moment completely changed the way that we think and work. Today, we are user / customer obsessed. Our mission is to take care of our users and customers, and the rest will follow.


Our rebranding process went into full swing in our full-day mood boarding workshop. This exercise was a great opportunity for our team to share and throw ideas out into the open. It really helped us to kick off this project and get everyone of our team on board. Here we are in action.

The Logo

Naturally, we turned to our logo for the next piece of the puzzle. Initially, we tried incorporating dynamic, funky fonts with a mixture of geometric shapes. When we looked at the results, we felt like this was too trendy, that we needed to stay true to who we are.

We then stripped down the logo to its most basic elements. Our design team kept the text and erased all excessive features. We were headed in the right direction with a minimalistic approach, however it was missing something. We changed the text color to vivid pink (see below) and integrated our slogan (Creative and Technology) – boom, we found the pop that we had been looking for! 

As you can see, we had a variety of attempts with our logo until we unanimously landed on the new design. The love for our new logo continued to grow over the next couple of days, with the design displayed in the main room of our office. Our logo exploration below.

The Graphic Language

Something we had in the back of our minds while making decisions on fonts, sizes, grids, colors, etc. was to be different, bold and uncompromising. Our typefaces provide variety, while also being consistent throughout our website. We think that these fonts meet our initial goals, while being refined and minimalistic.

When looking at our new website, you’ll notice that we worked with three colors throughout the entire site, staying true to our “less is more” mindset. We choose the bold vivid pink as our accent color, sticking with neutral colors (black and white) as the other elements in our color palette. The goal was to make a statement without overwhelming our customers.

The Website

Our next task in our rebranding was our website redesign. We were looking to create a website that represented who we are. We all agreed that the website should reflect our history, culture, and mission (Crafting Delightful Experiences) as a company. We decided to put the spotlight on us and what it’s like to work with us, instead of just presenting our services.

Bit by bit, one draft after another, we built an awesome website that is true to who we are as a company. While we’re happy with our redesign, we are well aware that nothing is perfect and that there is always room for improvement. That’s why our team is working to make small updates frequently, constantly improving ourselves.

Awesome T-Shirts

Every Thursday we have a little tradition that our team comes to the office with Marvilix T-Shirt. Our new logo and new members on our team were a good excuse for us to order new shirts. Both our team members and customers are always excited to receive Marvilix T-shirts.


Our LEGO Wall

It’s been a while since the last time we changed our Lego Wall. We decided to change the wall design to fit the rebrand and make a cool video while we are at it (here is a quick reminder of our last video). Check it out.

Finally, Launching the Rebrand

Our rebranding process has been both challenging and rewarding. This was one of our toughest projects yet, where every single decision felt critical. In the launch day we celebrated the rebrand, talked about our future goals and shared our new look with friends, families and customers.

Once we completed all aspects of our rebranding process, we took another look at our work. This time we examined the project as whole, making sure that each aspect of it achieved the overall look we wanted for ourselves.

Then, it was official. The launching of the Marvilix rebrand was finally here! We all gathered around the screen and watched the site goes live.

It’s been an incredible journey. Many thanks for our devoted team and everyone’s support along the way. Enjoy and keep in touch.

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